Student Projects and Gardening Events

Student Projects


Year 3 children at Gainsborough School have been exploring what life was like for people during World War II. They have created animated posters after being inspired by posters made during World War II.


Year 6 students at Gainsborough School explored black history by creating video biographies of famous people. They worked in groups to research, question, plan, conduct interviews, and record and edit videos. They also interviewed the public to find out what people know and think about black history and why we have Black History Month.


Local Gardening Events

Local gardening events are a crucial part of what we do in the community, and we aim to always provide you with the most comprehensive list available online. If you have another event to add, please email us with the full details. The beauty of these gardening resources, is that they’re flexible on time. They often hold these events multiple times a year, so that you can learn the most from their botanical knowledge and gardening insights. Learn how to do gardening with the following resources: