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Complete Schemes of Work

Colonialism – Year 10
Framework | Lesson Plans and Resources
Students develop analyses of complex arguments in the history of colonialism, exploring Spanish in ‘Las Indias’, British in India and Belgians in Congo. They debate, act and discuss ideas, recording it on a website.
Fair Trade – Years 5 to 8
Lesson Plans and Resources
From learning about trade of chocolate, jeans (KS2), trainers or bananas(KS3), students explore stories of farmers and factory workers, developing political campaigns demonstrating for fairer working conditions. They make websites with videos to explain their perspectives.
Genetics and Citizenship – Year 10
Lesson Plans and Resources
Students develop analytical frameworks through exploring and debating ethical issues around genetics. In collaborative groups students roleplay, interview, play games and make videos and websites on cloning, GM food/animals, gene patenting, designer babies and behavioural genetics. A final ‘Court case’ on gene patenting develops and deepens their understanding.
Shorter Projects
Child Labour – Year 10
Project Report | Lesson Plans | Planning Sheets | Profile | Web-sites | Prompt Sheet | Storyboard | Evaluation
Students research the issue of child labour in different countries around the world, using their information to create videos about a fictional working child and web-pages to convey their ideas about and opinions of child labour.
Civil Rights – Year 9
Project Report
An IT class produced a video which presented the stories of five women involved in the Civil Rights movement using a combination of music, stories and drama to create an integrated narrative structure.
Classification – Year 5
Project Report | Lesson Plans | Planning Sheets
This project is an extension of ideas around classification which students have previously studied. During the project, students are asked to consider how different perspectives might lead people to classify things in different ways.
Deadly Night At.. – Year 11
Project Report | Game Template
Students were asked to make a computer game based around the use of DNA in forensic science using web authoring and virtual reality software. One of the main aims of the project was to motivate truanting and disaffected students.
Digging Down – Year 8
Project Report
Students make web-pages to illustrate how tectonic plate movement in the Earth’s crust causes Volcanoes and Earthquakes, and consider where in the world these plate movements would have an effect and explain why.
Trippingly on the Tongue – Year 9
Project Report | Lesson Plans
Students select and consider key scenes from two of Shakespeare’s plays and produce videos which either provide alternative interpretations of these scenes or show the different motives that characters might have had for their actions in the play. They make web-pages which allow a user to choose between the different options/interpretations.
Value & Values – Year 8 (Gifted & Talented)
Project Report | Lesson Plans | Items | Catalogue Sheet
Students produce a website exploring the nature of value from different perspectives, discussing the concepts and asking challenging questions of their audience.


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