01/09/2000 – RoutledgeFalmer

Making Multimedia in the Classroom – A Teacher’s Guide
Multimedia authoring offers a motivating and imaginative approach to subject matter where students can develop skills in group work and problem solving. This teacher’s guide explores the process of students authoring multimedia as an integrated part of curriculum work. It offers a theoretical basis, detailed practical advice and many classroom examples.

18/03/2005 – TES – Teacher

Genetically enhanced
Role-playing was a source of motivation for a Wellcome Trust genetics pilot aiming to score with science and citizenship. Vivi Lachs reports. “At the end of the day, it’s my blood, it’s…

03/09/2004 – TES – Teacher

Measuring Success
Diving into digital video work is the easy bit, but how do you evaluate it? Vivi Lachs gives some helpful pointers. It’s one thing to do the work, it’s another to evaluate it. Making digital movies…

14/05/2004 – TES – Online Education

Spotlight on video
Just because it’s video, it doesn’t mean you have to think big to integrate it into the curriculum, reports Vivi Lachs. In terms of classroom practice and fitting video into the curriculum, the majority…

01/11/2003 – Wellcome News

Interactive Learning
Schools in Hackney are using creative technologies to explore issues in genetics. Video and music editing, multimedia design and web page creation – such skills are most often associated with the…

03/10/2003 – TES – Teacher

The empire strikes back
Inner city students have plenty to contribute to explorations of colonialism, as Vivi Lachs discovers in a project in Hackney. The cameras are running, and Adowa is acting two roles. As Las Casas, …

22/11/2002 – TES – Teacher

Do it yourself
Vivi Lachs, creative director of Highwire City Learning Centre in Hackney, London, presents a 10-point guide to rewarding curriculum work 1 Planning Decide what subject matter you are going to use. …

04/01/2002 – TES – Online Education

Video – it’s in the can
With teachers under the curriculum cosh, when can they find time for digital video? The time is now. Vivi Lachs makes a compelling case. As a busy teacher you may catch sight of an article about…

04/01/2002 – TES – Online Education

Lights, camera.. learning is the action
Digital video technology has the potential to revolutionise teaching as we know it, adding value to learning by feeding the imagination of both teachers and pupils. Over the following pages we look…

07/09/2001 – TES – Online Education

Movie magic: students beam videos to a huge worldwide audience
In the second installment of Movie Magic, Vivi Lachs shows us how to edit movies for presentation. You would think video-making would be a linear activity – decide what you want to make a movie…

08/06/2001 – TES – Online Education

Movie magic captivates its producers
iMovie has made video projects possible and that is good news for teachers. One of the UK’s leading practitioners, Vivi Lachs, shows how to get shooting, and in our next issue she will show how…

10/11/2000 – TES – Online Education

Highwire act is a network lead
With the opening of its Highwire City Learning Centre by the education minister, Hackney has taken a bold leap, as Merlin John discovers. School standards minister Estelle Morris opened Hackney’s…

12/05/2000 – TES – Online Education

Making sweet multimedia
Sometimes you find a book that’s so good you want to tell everyone about it and Vivi Lachs’s Making Multimedia in the Classroom is such a book. It’s a successful attempt to encourage the creation…

07/01/2000 – TES – Online Education

The learning verve starts here
Why should pupils be passive users of multimedia when they can write their own programs? Vivi Lachs reports on Hackney schools that are discovering the educational value of pupils as authors. …

18/09/1998 – TES – News & Opinion

New media moguls
In July, Vivi Lachs described how to collect multimedia materials this summer. Here she shows how they can be used to keep memories fresh. As you unpack your suitcase and put your clothing, …

18/09/1998 – TES – News & Opinion

Project checklist
1. Decide on the subject area. Where will it fit into the curriculum and how much time will it take? 2. Will you use a computer room or computers in the classroom? 3. Who is the audience for the…

17/07/1998 – TES – News & Opinion

Pharaoh tales can come true
Your class can bring history to life – well, virtually. Reva Klein reports on child-made software. You’ll find a number of interesting choices on the menu of the homemade CD-Rom on ancient Egypt…

10/07/1998 – TES – Online Education

Electronic postcards
Don’t just relax this summer – collect mementos so you can create a multimedia journal when you get back to school. Vivi Lachs shares some ideas. At last, term has ended and you’re flying off…

10/07/1998 – TES – Online Education

Authors of art and invention
Multimedia offers exciting opportunities, but don’t let the technology obscure the learning, writes Vivi Lachs. Pupils are authoring multimedia more than ever before – to make animations to develop…

15/05/1998 – TES – Friday

Movie stars in the making; multimedia education
Learning to use sound, text, animation and graphics for interactive presentations could greatly enhance pupils’ ICT skills. Vivi Lachs reports. Creativity generally starts with a good idea, and good…

09/01/1998 – TES – Online Education

Surviving the jungle
A 10-step guide to using multimedia for classroom projects. By Vivi Lachs. So you’ve been around the BETT show, seen some great computer work with sound and animation that pupils have been…

14/03/1997 – TES – Extras & Updates

Learning through animating
A girl is drawing the sun on screen. “If the water from the pond heats up, it will evaporate into the air,” she says. “But draw a cloud as well,” adds her partner. “We need that if it is to cool down.” …

21/06/1996 – TES – Friday

Layered Look
Animal adventures, war-time stories, exploring space -the multimedia projects of pupils in a London borough have been put on a CD-Rom. What has big grey ears?” “What has big grey ears and big grey feet?”

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